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At PhreshFoto, quality always comes first.

All scans are visually checked and we adjust the following: correct orientation and ensuring where possible names etc are not backwards, brightness and contrast adjusted to bring out detail in dark/washed out areas, remove colour castes (usually purple) where possible and enhance colour, sharpen the slide image where required to make the picture crisp, removal of scratches, marks and blemishes where possible using "MagicTouch".

We use only the highest quality blank CD / DVD's. We know your slide memories will be safe for many decades to come. Our dedicated friendly approach and quality service means you can leave your precious slides with confidence, knowing you will receive a great result.

We Scan and Preserve your Slides for all Future Possibilities !!

Resoloution File Format Price per Image Price per Image over 1500 images
1800dpi JPG Only $0.70 $0.65
2400dpi JPG Only $1.25 $1.15
3000dpi JPG or TIFF $1.75 $1.65
3600dpi JPG or TIFF $2.50 $2.35
5000dpi JPG or TIFF $3.25 $3.00

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What Do You Receive With Your Slide Scanning?

All slides are cleaned with compressed air before scanning to remove loose dust and hairs. Please note a lot of marks are actually cracks, mould, scratches and damage to the emulsion (think of cracked paint) and are not removed by brushing. However our “MagicTouch” blemish removal does an excellent job at minimising these marks

We supply your images in High quality “JPEG” format identical to modern digital cameras. You can also have them supplied in uncompressed TIFF format for future editing and creating very large prints up to 6' wide. Just remember TIFF files can be up to 160mb per slide (5000dpi and 16bit colour) and can require a fast computer to view smoothly.

Your slides are returned in archival grade, clear storage sheets inside a 3 ring binder. The clear sheet makes it easy to look for a specific image in the future. Most people are scanning their slides to save storage space, so we typically send carousels for recycling but they can be returned.

We number your image files sequentially (40th_Birthday_001.jpg 40th_Birthday_002.jpg etc) based on the labels on your boxes.

We label your archival sheets of slides with the same labels as the directory of images. This allows you to find a specific slide easily if you ever need it reproduced or an ultra high quality version.

We run our scanning software in manual. We do not allow the scanning software decide on colour balance or brightness etc.

We always remove minor colour castes and in a lot of cases even images that have gone purple can have a lot of the real colour restored. We however do not guarantee it on every slide as this is the most time consuming part of the process.

Marks & Blemishes: These are most visible on single colour backgrounds such as blue sky and clouds. Our MagicTouch blemish removal software does an excellent job at removing marks etc but its not perfect. Removing blemishes from the face/arms of people or detailed objects which remain after “MagicTouch” is a complex art and is not included in our standard slide transfer.

"Best Possible" Restoration Policy: For slide collections with major colour castes or large or numerous blemishes we work on a “fair go” principle. So if only small percentage of your images are discoloured, scratched or have blemishes, we will do our best to restore them all. However if a large percentage are like this, we need to spread our available time amongst them all and may only partially restore them. Normally we will NOT call you if the above situation occurs as we have found the vast majority of people do not want to pay any extra as most don’t even know what is on the slides. You can however specifically request us to call you to discuss further restoration options if required at the time we receive your slides.


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